Passion for nature

Optimal location for hiking: Starting from San Esteban de Pravia are two paths known as the "Senda de los Miradores" of 4.5 km from Playa del Garruncho beach to Playa de Aguilar beach, bordering the coast with unique views between Deva Island and Faro Video lighthouse, and the "North Path" of 1 km along the old train tracks to the restored coal loading docks. Also worth mentioning is the 3.5 km walk up to Somao (exemplary town of Asturias 2020) with important examples of 19th century Indian architecture.

In addition, Muros de Nalón is the beginning and end of stages 20 and 21 of the Way of St James along the Coast, (also known as North Way of St James), offering the Gran Hotel Brillante a luxury break for pilgrims.